Mirror Image Entertainment is an independent production company founded in 1996 by twin brothers Nathan Logan Hanley and Tyler Martin Hanley.


The company began by producing independent short films in the mid and late 1990s. MIE produced five short films between 1996 and 1998, “After the Incident”, “Calm”, “Blackout”, “Quicksand” and “The Black Knights.”


In 1999 the company produced their first feature, “Duck Duck Goose”, written and directed by Nathan Logan Hanley and starring Tyler Hanley, Shannon Hamblin, David Westley Skillman, Anthony Spears, Mendy Lea Luptak, Paul Besmehn and Tara Roth.


They followed that project with the dogme manifesto inspired feature “The Vigilante Memoirs.” The Hanley Brothers co-directed the film from a script by Nathan Logan Hanley. It starred Tyler Hanley, Nathan Logan Hanley, Anthony Spears, Nathan Cozzolino, Drennon Davis, Angella Frische, Christina Petersen, Marshall Downs, Fabienne Maurer, Katie Rohrbaugh, Robyn Israel, Lou Ceci, David Machlan, Michael Flynn and Daryl Savage.

The company’s latest features, “Rehearsal” (2006) and “Table for Six” (2010) are available on Amazon. Links to those film’s individual websites can be found here.



MIE also produced the Doces the Bunny EP “Happy Wednesday” (1997) as well as three albums for the rock band Harvest and three albums for the rock band Jayati.



The company is currently overseeing or producing numerous projects in various stages of development.